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We Buy Scrap Cars & Vans Burton upon Trent are experts in all things related to car & van scrappage and dismantling in Burton upon Trent . Our team of “scrappyies in Burton upon Trent have built up a strong reputation as one of one of the leading auto salvage and used parts suppliers in Burton upon Trent.

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My vehicle was broken, and I couldn’t to sell the car elsewhere. We Buy Scrap Cars and Vans Burton upon Trent bought it from me and came to pick it up the same day!

Marge Davidson

Fast, easy, and cash in hand. great service! It really was just that quick

Bob Robb

Brilliant service, quick way to sell a scrapped car, the {local scrappy} came and took away my scrap car from Staffordshire and gave me cash in hand for the motor.

Imogen Robb

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Car Buyer Burton upon Trent offers a quick and efficient way to sell both running and non-running vehicles in Burton upon Trent. All you have to do is fill out the form below and we will get back to you. If you are in Staffordshire , you can come and drop off your vehicle or get it picked up the same day.

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We will buy any scrap cars, 4X4’s and commercial vehicles in Burton upon Trent. We have collections every day in Burton upon Trent and Staffordshire. We have tow trucks that are available for collections of scrap vehicles near Staffordshire, with scrappies based in Burton upon Trent. So if you are based in Burton upon Trent we can pick up your scrap car or van within 24 hours and arrange your cash payment when we arrive. We Buy Scrap Cars & Vans Burton upon Trent is an exciting new business that began trading in January 2018, however, our owner has over 10 years’ experience in car breaking and auto salvage in Burton upon Trent starting in the industry in 2008.

Burton upon Trent Car Scrappage Area

This map shows you the route that we take every single day to collect your scrap cars for cash in Burton upon Trent. Part of this route from Inverness to Fort William is known as the Caledonian Canal which is over 60 miles, however, we continue another 50 miles or so to Oban for collections. As you can see there and several rural areas in Inverness-shire & the Scottish Highlands just outside of Inverness and Oban, we can comfortably serve these areas collecting your scrap cars free of charge and offering cash in return. Due to Inverness being the main city in the Highlands with a population of approximately 47,000 people most of the cars we collect for scrap are from the Inverness area. However, if you are local you will know yourself there are dozens of small local villages and areas that make up the area. We Buy Scrap Cars & Vans scraps cars and vans in all of Staffordshire including Burton upon Trent.

Burton upon Trent Car Scrap Yard & Auto Salvage Yard

All the vehicles we put to scrap in Burton upon Trent are recycled properly as required by law. We Buy Scrap Cars & Vans Burton upon Trent will scrap your car in Burton upon Trent following the end of life legislation (EVL) and will supply you with a certificate of destruction (CoD) supplied by the DVLA to our authorised treatment facility. All of this can be completed online making sure we follow the legal requirements for scrapping a vehicle in Burton upon Trent, whilst keeping the process as quick as simple as possible. If the areas listed are near you and you are looking for free collection and a cash offer for your scrap car, get in touch today!
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With our promise to give you the best only, we also quote the most reasonable rates in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Do not just take our word for it – do your research too and then contact us for the best quotes!

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